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Are you looking forward to work in Canada? – KNOW ALL THE OPTIONS

Do the lucrative, high paid jobs, and excellent living standards attract you? But the difficulty in obtaining a PR visa is letting you down! No need to worry – the best Canada work permit consultants will help you out. You can always live and work in Canada, just like a Canadian citizen, with the Canada Work Visa. It is issued to those immigrants who are eligible to work and earn a living in the country. Work visas have a limited period, and you need to renew them once they expire. The work permit is a more natural and faster way to enter Canada. The Canada work permit visa process time is far lesser than the PR visa processing time.

There are two kinds of work visa :–

Open work permit – An open work permit allows you to work freely under any employer in Canada. The only exceptions are those businesses that do not comply with the standards or engage in the sex trade or massage parlors. Since this is not bound to any employer or company, you need not pass the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA) for applying for an open work permit. It is an effective and secure option for students or spouses of professionals to engage in employment activity.
Closed work permit – This is also known as Employee specific work permit. A closed work permit is issued by an employer who indents to employ you in his/her business. It restricts you to work for a specific employer during a fixed period. Since this is employer-specific, the permit has to be accompanied by a LIMA certificate, which clearly states that any Canadian citizen could not have fulfilled the role. It is to ensure that the government protects the livelihood and opportunities of the citizens first.

These visas or work permit comes under the TFWP program (Temporary Foreign Worker Program). Under this program, there are four categories of workers

Highly skilled workers program
Low skilled/unskilled workers program
Seasonal Agricultural workers program
Caregivers’ program

Any Canadian employer needs to get the LIMA approval before offering you a job. It ensures that no foreign immigrant takes away any opportunity entitled to a Canadian citizen.

Eligibility for an Open work permit

You can easily apply for an open work permit in Canada as long as you fulfill the following conditions

Permanent residents of Canada
Dependent spouse, children or other family members
Joint law partners of skilled workers and students in Canada
Refugees or internally displaced people and their family members
Temporary resident permit holders
Those engaged in a care-giving activity

The Application Process

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The applications vary depending on the country of residence. You can easily apply for a work visa on the visa website. At the same time, you need to get your police verification and medical clearance completed within time.

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Dependent Visa For Canada Work Permit Holder

You might have a query regarding the dependent visa for a work permit holder. Your partner/spouse can come along with you as long as they fulfill the following criteria

Satisfy all the conditions for a temporary resident visa and successfully obtain one
Show proper intentions of staying within the Canadian borders
Have no criminal records in the past

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