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Canada Permanent Residency (PR) Visa

For thousands of people, Canada is the most popular immigration destination. Are you looking for PR consultants Canada to migrate and settle in one of the best countries in the world? Look no further, amigo! Plenier Consulting is here.

Canada has immigration-friendly policies and numerous highly paid jobs to attract people across the globe. You will get the perfect living conditions in Canada with a Permanent Resident Visa. It is almost similar to a Canadian citizen. You have to renew the PR visa after every five years.

Benefits of Canada PR Visa

Even if you are not a permanent citizen in Canada, the Canada PR program offers multiple benefits.

Eligibility to apply for Canadian citizenship in future.
Opportunity to work, stay or get schooling anywhere in Canada.
Entitlement to receive the healthcare benefits and social benefits just like Canadian citizens.
Protection by the Canadian Law and Charter of Rights & Freedom.

We will provide you with all the information you need to know about the Canada PR programs. Starting from checking the eligibility to arranging the documents required to the suitable program under which you can apply, consultants for Canada PR Malleswaram will continuously guide and support you.

Eligibility Criteria for Canada PR

Age – You must be between 18 – 35 years of age; if you are more than 35, then it will reduce your CRS score. While above 45, you cannot apply for a PR visa in Canada.
Education – Minimum higher secondary equivalent as per Canadian education systems
Language – At least 6 in IELTS score, and the score should not be older than two years. If you know French, you get extra brownie points.
Work Experience – More the merrier. The higher the number of years of work experience you have, the more the points you earn. But the job should be listed under Skill Type 0 or level A or B.
Self-Arranged Employment – You can score high if you have a proper employment offer from a Canadian employer.
Family – If your wife/spouse is ready to travel along with you, then you get to score higher than others.

Critical Documents for Canada PR Visa

When you are applying for the Canada PR visa process from India, you need to have certain vital documents as follows :-

Adequate funds for sustaining in Canada
Valid Indian Passport
All your educational certificates, graduation, diploma, or any other higher education or degrees that you might have
Educational Credential Assessment
IELTS Scorecard
Medical test reports
Letter of Employment/Invitation (if any)
Bonafede or Moral character certificate

Skilled Immigrants Program (Express Entry)

Since you have approached the best Canada PR agency, we will inform you about the different immigration programs, under which you can file an application for permanent resident status in Canada.

Express Entry
Provincial Nominee Program
Quebec Skilled  Workers Program
Self-Employed Immigration
Start-Up Immigration Program
Sponsorship Program

Skilled Immigrants can apply for Canadian PR via Federal Express Entry System.

The EEP or the Skilled Immigrants Program is a fast and efficient way of obtaining a PR Visa in Canada. It qualifies skilled workers based on their adaptability and prospective value towards the Canadian economy. Some of the factors influencing your selection are Age, Educational qualification, and Language proficiency.

This system came into existence in 2015. It speeds up the entire visa process and helps you get the PR status as soon as possible. The first step is to fill the online application form along with the educational scores, Canada PR assessment details, and Educational Credential Assessment. Here you fill all the details about yourself, and this step is completely free.

Once the system evaluates your profile, it assigns your score and starts processing your visa for PR status in Canada. Do not worry about your application getting rejected. We will evaluate your profile before you apply and help you understand your chances of getting a PR visa.

The EEP systems give you three options to apply-

Category for skilled technical professionals
Category for skilled manual working professionals
Category for Canadians having skilled work experience.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

If the Express Entry Program could not fulfill your dreams, then the PNP will undoubtedly do. Under this program, you get nominated by one of the provinces or territories in Canada. This works in two ways-

There might be a province that needs a profile similar to yours. They will nominate you and send the nomination details.
You can nominate yourself directly to one of the Canadian provinces
Once your application is passed, and the visa is issued, you can migrate and start working in that province. Later you can apply for a PR visa under the IRCC program. The criteria for immigration in different regions vary from time to time. Thus, we advise you to consult our Canada PR Consultants before applying to any of the Visa programs.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program

This program is especially suited for those who wish to live and work in Quebec. Quebec is one of the most prosperous provinces in Canada. It has the lowest unemployment rate and rich diversity surrounding the region. No doubt, if you do not have any specific territory in mind, you can always start your dream Canada project in Quebec.

The Quebec government selects immigrants based on their requirements as well as based on your ability to contribute to the market and economy of Quebec. There are two parts to this program.

Apply under this program to get a CSQ – Certificate of Selection. This certificate officially recognizes you as an immigrant to Quebec.
 Further, you can apply to the IRCC for your permanent visa (PR visa) in Canada.
But before you apply, we would like to inform you that medical and police verification is mandatory for this program as per the rules set by the Quebec province.

Start-Up Immigration Program

If you dream of starting your venture in Canada, then this is the perfect avenue for you. The Start-up Visa will help you set up your business in Canada. But the Canadian government does not support start-ups. Therefore, you need to ensure you have enough funds or arrange for someone who can sponsor your project. Once you have this visa, you can apply for the PR visa in Canada.

Your profile gets evaluated against three parameters

An organization must back your business plan
Have enough funds to run your business and sustain yourself
Language proficiency

Sponsorship Program

A Canadian resident can also sponsor you. In this case, you have to be a relative of the Canadian resident. The following categories are allowed under the sponsorship program :–

Dependent child (includes an adopted child as well)
Common-law partner
Other relatives (as per the eligibility criteria)
Once you get sponsored by someone, you can live in Canada and work or study just like someone with a PR visa.

Process of getting Canada PR Visa

If you are thinking about how can I get a PR in Canada, then follow the below steps :-

Ensure you have your IELTS scores ready before applying for the PR Visa. If possible, complete a French proficiency test as well.
Choose the immigration program and submit your application.
Get the medical and police verification done.
As an immigration officer is verifying your documents, you may be required to furnish some additional details.
Once your application is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation card (COPR) card.
Now apply for the PR card
Based on the program selected, it might take 6 – 9 months. If you are new to this entire process of immigration and visa, then take the help of the best Canada PR consultants. We have guided hundreds of people with their immigration applications. Our experience will help us in providing the best tailor-made solution for your aspirations.