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Over the past few years, Australia has seen a massive upsurge in the number of immigrant workers. We can say that high salaried jobs and better career prospects have fueled this trend.

Though it might sound like a fairy tale, the immigration process involves a lot of procedures. Starting from selecting the type of residency to the different paperwork, it is a difficult task for someone new.

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Process for obtaining an Australian PR Visa

The process for obtaining a visa is similar to securing a visa for any other country. But the time required to approve your application depends on certain factors

Your profile – Your educational qualifications, language proficiency, and work experience determine the strength of your profile. The better your profile, the lower time it will take to process your application.

Type of Residency –
There are three different types of residency categories under a PR visa for Australia. The time taken to process the application depends on how well you fulfill the eligibility criteria for the kind of residency you have applied for.

Your Vigilance –
It depends on how seriously and accurately you have filled the application form, the genuineness of the documents, and how easily how can give satisfactory answers to the questions from the immigration officer.

Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)

This is a points-based visa program for those skilled professionals who are not sponsored by the state of any resident of Australia. With this visa, you can stay and work in Australia permanently. It is a kind of PR visa in Australia. Once you settle down, you also have the right to sponsor and get your family members to Australia. Our Australian work visa consultants in Bangalore can help in understanding this program thoroughly.


The Skilled Independent Visa offers you certain advantages :–
You can reside and work in Australia as long as you want to
Entitle yourself to the medical facilities in Australia
Sponsor your relatives
Apply for citizenship later


To get this visa, you need to fulfill certain conditions

You must have relevant experience and skills in the field of work for which you have applied for the visa
Your age must be between 18 – 50 years.
You should have language proficiency (in English) along with character and medical clearance certificate.

Skilled Nominated Residency Program (Subclass 190)

If you haven’t qualified for the skilled independent visa and yet want to work in Australia, then we open another door for you!

Under this program, an immigrant gets nominated by a state or government agency. You can work and reside anywhere under this program. First, you need to submit your expression of interest. At the same time, your score must be above 60 for the immigration process. Once you receive the invitation to apply, you have to apply for this visa within 60 days.


Stay and work in Australia as any other permanent citizen
Work in your desired industry in a particular province
Sponsor your relatives
Apply for citizenship later


You must have work experience under any of the occupations listed in the CSOL
You must be below 50 years in age
Complete health and medical check must get completed before applying
English language proficiency and IELTS certificate is mandatory

Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Program (Subclass 489)

It is a four-year provisional permit that allows you to stay and work in Australia. You can be eligible for this visa if you an Australian citizen or government agency sponsors you. There are two pathways to apply for this program – invited and pathways.


Live in the country for four years
Work or study in designated provinces within Australia
Travel anywhere as long as you have a valid visa

It is essential that you understand the different visa types and then select the ones best suited for you. The choice depends on a lot of factors. Get ready for the Bangalore to Australia flight with Plenier Consulting services.
Finding the right type of Visa for you is crucial and that’s why we at Plenier Consultancy guide you throughout in making the right choice for your future.