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Australian Dependant Visa

Get united with your family members in Australia with the help of the Australian immigration consultants Hebbal. The Australian government allows working professionals and students to invite their family and relatives to stay with them. The dependent visa is applicable for your spouse, partner, parents, and other dependent family members.

The process invites a lot of paperwork and hassles, and it is in your best interests that you must contact the most professional Australian PR visa consultants in Bangalore. Your spouse or partner can join you and stay as long as you are staying in the country. At the same time, your kids can come on a temporary visa and stay with you until your permanent resident status is approved.


You can stay with your loved ones in Australia
The child can study in Australia
In the future, the child is eligible for Australian citizenship

There are a lot of eligibility clauses and paperwork involved in this visa program. If you want more details about the PR visa program or the different categories, then do not waste a while; contact Plenier immigration Bangalore today!